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The Arizona Youth Basketball League - East Valley

AYBL With a focus on providing the East Valley club basketball teams a basketball league that is based in their own backyard, the AYBL begins play next week and continues throughout the month of August.

The league is designed not to conflict with the existing leagues that play mainly on Saturdays.  This league will debut for play on Mondays and Wednesday with some possible Fridays as well.

The East Valley club teams have been clamoring for a competitive club league to take place that services the areas of Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queencreek, Apache Junction and other surrounding cities.

Currently, most teams from this area travel 80 to 100 miles roundtrip to West Valley venues thus resulting in high costs associated with the travel to include gas, food and beverage.  In addition, the time invested requires all day stay in the West Valley while waiting for scheduled games spread out throughout the day.

Many of the teams surveyed communicated a willingness to continue to support the great leagues and tournaments held in the West Valley, but also expressed a need to have other options that also included East Valley events.

With this in mind, the ABYL is now in existence and hopes to continue to offer the great competitive style of basketball that many of the existing leagues and tournaments offer, however, they hope to do this in weekday games that do not conflict with the West Valley weekend games.

Doing so is an effort in teamwork with the existing league operators and sensitivity towards the very real needs of the East Valley youth basketball club teams.

For more information on the league, Contact co-director Joe Leon at 480-228-6782.