Kevin Sias: Smooth As Silk Andersen Jr. High 7th Grader
Just4Hoopin / Revolution Tournament Series 2018

Our specialty is developing students to become "All-Star" caliber basketball players


All-stars Logo 3Our specialty is developing players to ultimately become "All-Star" caliber basketball players.   

Club competition is where we position the student-athlete to deploy the skills and basketball IQ taught in our program. Our system of play has been designed to develop a high level of skills and basketball game IQ and deploying it in club competition where it all happens.   Folks, we are creating the best player development program in Arizona.  Hands down.

It all begins with the student-athlete and his parents.   Both of them must want to be completely dedicated to the sport of basketball.   The hunger to achieve excellence is a must have attribute.   To desire to self-actualize in the sport must be equal in player and parent because the road is fun but not easy.   The full commitment to be 100% dedicated to mastering the art of basketball is pre-requisite to joining the Arizona All-Stars Basketball Academy & Club Program.

You see, we are 100% committed to mastering the art of "teaching" the art of basketball.   To us, teaching is the art form and we believe that it takes a two-way street commitment to master the game and it take years to do so.   It is a fun grind, but a grind it is in terms of the hours and costs associated with becoming special at this game.    In addition, since it is a grind, the grind is fun and highly sought after by the student and parent profile that we seek to join us.

The student-athlete does not have to be the best basketball player around to join us.   Our job is to make you the best.  Our job is our passion.  What we seek is the commitment.  Pure an simple.   The burning desire that can also be referred to as a hunger to master the art of basketball.

If I am describing you as a parent as well as depicting the profile of your child as a student-athlete, we are for you.

By Coach Morales |