Just4Hoopin Winter League Begins October 14, 2017

 Winter League 
(October 14 - December 16
Games played at Supreme Courts in Chandler
* Every Saturday - No games Dec. 8 (Jr. HoopHall - West Tournament)
* Playoffs December 16th
* Schedules and results posted and updated
* League is Grade based
* Friendly staff and administration
West Valley teams are encouraged to participate in the league. We can schedule double-headers so you don't have to drive out each week. 
$625 per team / multi team discounts
* Best price in town
* Six (6) games plus playoffs
* Competitive games each week
* Special Just4hoopin tournament discounts


I Call it the Two-Week Rule

Top Gun Shooting Camp FALL 2017I call it the two-week rule:

Every year, two weeks before tryout begins, I get calls about players who have driven themselves into a panic.

All year, they’ve been waiting to totally immerse themselves into consistently training hard to become the player they’ve always wanted to be.

The dream is bigger than the effort:

The dream of basketball glory has always been there, and they live in that dream all the way into tryouts. They envision what the coming season will be when they finally break through and stamp their name on the basketball map once and for all.

Waiting all year:

Many wait all year before going to training. Others, attend training but sporadically.   Always something coming up to avoid the training. Always with a reasonable excuse why they can’t make it that day.   But here is the thing: There is always an excuse.   Rapid-fire, incessant excuses to miss training.  

Arizona All-Stars Logo_ShieldAnd, now that the school tryout is only a few weeks away, they ask, panicking:

What can I do in the next few weeks to prepare for the tryouts?

There’s a way, right?  There must be a way.

Yes, I say:

Of course, there’s a way…

…And it’s quite simple.

ABA SKILLS & IQ TRAINING (FINAL)_0001There’s only one thing you need to do, and all you need to do, is:

Stop waiting. Attend our training.

Stop waiting living in the dream and start working on the court becoming the player you’ve always wanted to be.

Come to the All-Stars Basketball Academy.   Join our school break Top Gun Shooting Camp.   Attend the ABA Skills & IQ Sunday training.   Engage with our 1-on-1 training sessions.   Take what is being offered. It is yours to transition those lofty dreams into reality

Of course, with two-weeks to go there is not much I can do for this tryout, but it is never too late to start today for the following year.

So, once again:

Stop waiting until two-weeks before tryouts, and embrace our total training program today.   It’s a proven system that works.


Arizona's CGM Academy Boasts High-Academic Talent

CGM Prep Academyby Z-Smart's Sports Blog

The vast number of American Prep basketball academies are steadily growing.   Each year, a gaggle of new programs devoted to enhanced skills development and exposure are established.  While many institutions are either accurately depicted or unfairly pigeonholed as “basketball factories,” CGM Academy(AZ) enters its inaugural season as one of the more academically enriched programs in the country.

Under Tony Miller, the former Marquette star who dealt out 956 career assists (seventh all time in Division-I history), academic integrity isn’t just emphasized—it’s preached with an iron fist.

                   Tony Miller

Tony MillerFollowing a 10-year professional career which included seasons in top-shelf leagues throughout The Netherlands, Belgium, and England, Miller would prolong his hoops livelihood as strength and conditioning coach and later an assistant coach at theUniversity of Southern California.

Miller also attained his master’s degree and spent time working hand-in-hand with student-athletes throughout the country.  His focus on academics, as well as the essential day-to-day management and responsibility of academics has never faltered.  

Now the Director of Player Development at CGM Academy and possessing expertise in skill refinement, Miller holds each and every last one of his student-athletes to a lofty academic standard.

Non-qualifiers are required to take SAT and ACT Prep courses, complete with a chock full of demanding courses and tutoring sessions.  The program currently boasts a bevy of Ivy League talent, beginning with 6-foot-5, 185-pound guard Deondre Bourne.

Following an illustrious career at Leman Prep in New York, during which he eclipsed 2,000 career points, Bourne manufactures points at a torrid pace. The blend of instinctive scoring and high academics have made him attractive to programs such as YaleColumbia, and Cornell.  He’s an archetypal high-scoring guard with a knack for creating off the bounce, freeing up space for his shot amid ramped up defensive pressure.   These attributes enabled Bourne to emerge as one of New York City’s most perilous scorers since Lance Stephenson’s Lincoln High heyday.

Another high-academic and intriguing prospect is 6-foot-6 Class of 2019 forward Alec Bryan. Known for his versatility and adeptness on the glass, Bryan will evolve into more of an interchangeable piece this season.

He’s displayed a smooth, consistent 15-20-foot jumper and deft dishing ability, factors which enable him to play as a stretch four.  Being multi-positional and guarding players with a significant height advantage, he’ll shoulder various responsibilities for the program this season.  Now adapting to the mentality of a small forward and providing active interior defense, Bryan’s play has been supplemental to true bigs in the post.  As the coaching staff noted, Bryan’s IQ on the court (as witnessed through his ability to pick apart a defense and foresight in depicting a play before it unfolds) mirrors his intellect in the classroom. He currently holds a 4.2 Grade Point Average.

As Bryan continues to evolve this season while embracing an around-the-clock work rate, the Ivy League and high-academic potential is evident.   CGM’s emphasis on structure and time management, components that will best prepare Bryan for the challenges of the collegiate transition, were two pivotal elements which persuaded him to transfer in.  

The program will also feature a local product in 6-foot-1, 165-pound Jerome Sims III. Sound in all facets of his game, Sims is a knockdown specialist who has improved exponentially since the past year.  Having recently scored a 1510 on the SAT and a 31 on the ACT, Sims will take another stab at the ACT exam this fall. Having worked diligently through practice exams and courses, Sims is aspiring to jack his ACT score up to 34.

CGM GroupWith poised play during heightened pressure and the ability to get big, loud buckets at the opportune time, Sims can best be described as a calming influence at both guard positions.   Mike Minessa, an under-the-radar recruit out of California, will also offer immediate contributions. Like the aforementioned trio, Minessa has already generated Ivy League interest and sustains a rate of high academic success, heady play, and leadership qualities that others feed off.

In addition to seizing the on-court leadership mantle, the onus and expectation is on this core to lead by example as student-athletes and admirable members of the community.

For more information about CGM Academy, kindly click here.


Top Gun Shooting Camp - Fall 2017 | Featuring Marco Morales

Top Gun FALL 2017 FINAL

In the 2013 Arizona Division 1 boys basketball season, Marco Morales made 97 3-pointers with a 39% efficiency.   In 2014 Marco did it again with another 97 3-pointers again in that season and improved his 3-point shooting % to 43%.  

It was an amazing feat of artistry.   Set shots, pull-backs, step backs, catch & shoots where on full display during those seasons.  Multiple future college Division 1 players where assigned the task of stopping Chandler high school's shooting weapon but stopping him was an exercise in futility. 

Today, the camp that helped to develop his skills takes place on October 9 - 12.

At the Top Gun Shooting Camp over 3,000 shots are taken by each participant.   The fundamentals are taught and each participant is guaranteed to take thousands of shots over a four day period.  

The fall camp is strategically positioned during the school break and thoroughly prepares the participant to be prepared for the November school tryouts taking place throughout most of Arizona's middle schools and high schools.

For more information go to the Top Gun Shooting Camp website by clicking HERE.