Future Stars Youth Basketball League | Spring 2018

2018 MAR Future Stars Basketball League

At Future Stars, we implement high-level academy style training with proven techniques to give our athletes every advantage on the court.

As the program has grown over the years, we see the importance of preparing our athletes for the future; not only in sports but in all aspects of life.

Our goal at Future Stars is not only to improve one’s ability on the volleyball and basketball court but to teach life lessons that will help our athletes become successful in an ever-changing world.

We emphasize core values that are necessary for success in all aspects of life:

  • Hard Work
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Teamwork

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The Newest and Coolest Way to Find a Team for Your Player… and Players for Your Team

Select and Unite-Logo FINAL
SelectAndUnite.com is the easiest way to find the right teams and players.  

The site matches teams with players based on a wide assortment of search criteria. It’s the sports version of sites like careerbuilder.com and Angie’s List. Select and Unite allows players to find teams based on their age group, location, position needs, league type, competition level, coaching philosophy, time commitment expectations and other important considerations. (Just think of all the negative experiences that could be eliminated by more accurately matching coaches with players.)

Users can register, create a profile and begin searching for matches. Like most matching sites, Select and Unite does charge a very small fee for expanded player-team match ups. If the connection doesn’t happen, that fee is refunded.


1.  Create a profile

  • Tell us what kind of team, player or coach you want

2.  Select your matches

  • Pick the people you want to contact

3.  Unite with them

  • Call, text or email them to form a great team



Teams are looking for new players because:

  • Team is changing their competition level
  • Team lost players to travel teams
  • Coach seeks like-minded players and parents
  • Players moved or quit to play other sports



Players are looking for new teams because:

  • Coach is a poor teacher
  • Coach is putting too much pressure on player
  • Player not getting to play enough
  • Player not having fun anymore



Leagues help match players with coaches to:

  • Help coaches explain their expectations
  • Help coaches find the right players for their style
  • Help players understand practice days and costs
  • Help players who just moved to a new city




You only pay to contact your matches!

Get your money back if your invitation isn't accepted, or you withdraw it, within 30 days!




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Roadmap To Help Parents Navigate The Youth Basketball Landscape

Kevin Cantwell Book CoverHere is a book that is an excellent tool to provide content and resourceful information aimed to help parents navigate their youth basketball journey, the Union announced today.

The title of the published book is called Parent’s Guide to Youth Basketball and Beyond by longtime college basketball coach Kevin Cantwell, an expert in college recruiting and player development and is a guide to help players, coaches and, most importantly parents, understand the opportunity and requirements at each step of the youth basketball journey.

It is a unique and helpful resource for what has become a complex landscape for parents when it comes to navigating the youth basketball space. This content will assist parents and their kids in accomplishing what they want to do in basketball. If that’s getting better fundamentally, making a team or pursuing an education through playing basketball, this series will help you.

Cantwell is respected throughout the basketball community. During his years coaching at Georgia Tech under the legendary Bobby Cremins, Cantwell was considered one of the best recruiters in the game. He has spent the last 15 years working with youth families and is sought after for his player development training and college recruiting advice.

Watch the VIDEO on the Parent Education program by Kevin Cantwell Basketball.

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Sportsmanship in Youth Sports

By Alexander Kneip

Sportsmahship in Youth SportsSportsmanship is a huge part of any sport and coaches who are in it to develop our youth make a point to teach it, whereas coaches who try to win at all costs hinder the development and integrity of our youth.

I am a strong believer of the notion in which coaches who display good sportsmanship during practices and games already teach by example, but when a coach displays good sportsmanship, makes a point to talk about it with his players and teaches it to them… now that is the reason why there is a coach of the year award. In saying that, not only are there coaches who teach good sportsmanship by example, but there are also coaches who teach the exact opposite of good sportsmanship.

The team is like a body and the coach who displays bad sportsmanship is like a tumor which can spread quickly throughout the whole body if not removed soon enough. When the coach is the tumor, it is often times fatal for the team, but when a player is the tumor; the coach can act as a doctor, detect and remove the tumor before it is too late and spreads throughout the body.

I also believe that sportsmanship, like a second language, is more difficult to learn the older we get. So, it is best for parents to try and put their child on a team with a coach who is a positive role model. If parents are aware and see signs early on that the coach is a good person and has a passion for the development of children, then that should be a team to grow with no matter the talent level it has. Winning should always come second to the development of youth in sports. Here are signs that a coach is knowledgeable and cares about good sportsmanship:

  1. She talks to her players about good sportsmanship versus bad sportsmanship
  2. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk himself all the time and not just some of the tim
  3. She shakes hands with everyone on the opposing team after a hard fought game; win or lo
  4. He shakes hands with the referee officials at the end of the gam
  5. She tells her players to help up the opponent when they fall dow
  6. He uses positive language and rarely uses any foul language
  7. She does not yell at the referees or talk badly about them.
  8. He does not take calls made by the referees personal.
  9. Telling her players to act with integrity and admit the referees made the wrong call.
  10. Does not tolerate taunting or humiliating of opponents and teaches them how to win with cl
  11. Gives positive praise for any display of good sportsmanship out of his play
  12. Does not let his players take a last second shot at the end of the game when they are winning by a big margin
  13. Does not try to win at all costs, rather focuses on good sportsmanship.

It is important that coaches teach youth how they should react to referee officials because it is close to impossible for them to make every call the right one. Rather than yelling or complaining to the referee officials, coaches should teach players how to respect officials and to just focus on playing basketball.

Bottom line: sportsmanship plays a huge role in the development of youth in sports.

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Arizona's 8th Grader Omarian Davis | A True Franchise Player

             Omarian Davis

COVER_Omarian Davis_FEB 15  2018AZ Dragons club program founder, head-coach and trainer Ed Phipps has a knack for finding talent.   An eye for talent is a highly valued skill that not all club coaches possess.   It is true that just being a coach means that talent will walk through the door unsolicited at times, but to go out into the community in search of talent that is yet undeveloped is an art form in and of itself.  All one must do is to become familiar with Coach Phipps to immediately recognize that the art of finding undiscovered talent is alive and well with this community development leader.   Take the case of Dragon player 8th grader Omarian Davis whose game has earned him the right to be featured on the cover of the Junior Hoops Arizona magazine.

Omarian Davis is an upcoming franchise player in anyone’s club basketball program. This 8th grader stands out as a dominating player based on his aggressive style of play.   Fear is not in his vocabulary. Omarian is all about pure hustle.   Given the opportunity, he will dribble the ball from 94 feet away and take it to the rim with control and a determination to be unstopped.   If he misses, be prepared to view a player that will stay with the miss with second, third and fourth efforts on rebounding it until he can put it into the basket.  

The beauty of his game is that he is not selfish. Coach Ed Phipps will not stand for selfish players in his program.   He inspires aggressiveness but under a teamwork framework.   But when the game is on the line, Omarian knows that Coach Phipps encourages his franchise player to unleash the Omarian ferocity on the court.   It is a sight to behold.   On many occasions, I have seen Omarian Davis single-handedly take over the game to help his team come from behind for the win.

In addition to having an inside the paint game, Omarian does have a nice 3-point shot that can be developed further, but make no mistake about it, Coach Ed Phipps is all over this young upcoming star by addressing every aspect of Omarian’s game.

8th grader Omarian Davis is a player that will soon be unleashed on the high school basketball scene and we predict that this young man will be one of Arizona’s best high school players.  The next four years will tell the tale.

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The State Basketball Championships

State Basketball Championships
The State Basketball Championships are the largest Qualifier-based middle school tournaments in the U.S. with 300+ teams at several events.  

The State tourneys feature their top teams while offering a division for ALL based-on type of team.

  • Club
  • School
  • Feeder
  • Township

Click or tap on a state for info or visit HERE to learn more about the organization.

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Hoopcode Basketball Academy

2018 MAR Hoop Code Basketball Workouts


Developing high character athletes, instilling ethics, leadership, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, humility, hunger and maturity on and off the court so they can be responsible, productive individuals and future leaders of this world.


Teaching young athletes how to maximize every opportunity they have to better themselves mentally and physically as they develop as young student athletes. We believe in the “Excellence in All We Do” philosophy. 


With our young athletes growing up in such an instant gratification generation, we want to instill patience and perseverance. Teaching our athletes that greatness is earned with hard work, commitment and dedication. Teaching them to always finish what they start to maximize their full potential.


Teaching young athletes, the importance of education along with the passion and humility to learn. Creating a culture and foundation that emphasizes education on & off the court by holding players accountable both athletically and academically. Standard requirement is a 3.0 GPA to be a part of the academy.

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