Jordan Howard is now Arizona's Division I Leading Scorer averaging 25.8 points per game

  Jordan Howard

Jordan HowardOn Friday night, January 11th, Perry defeated Trevor Browne 72 – 51 with Jordan Howard shooting 48% for 30 points for the night.   He capped the night with a 4 for 6 from the 3-point line and a perfect game from the free-throw line going 6 for 6.    The performance was indicative of what Jordan has been doing for the Pumas all season long.   As of 1/14/2013, Jordan is the leading scorer in Arizona’s Division I high school basketball averaging 25.8 points per game.    In 2nd place is Kashawn Shelton of Ironwood with 25.7 points per game.    The rest of the players making up the top five leading scorers in Division I with a minimum of 10 games played are Jaron Hopkins, Dobson, Asha Esprit, Rincon and Sam Thompkins, Mountain View.


Rank     Player                                         APPG


Jordan Howard(Jr)
Perry (Gilbert, AZ)



Kashawn Shelton(Sr)
Ironwood (Glendale, AZ)



Jaron Hopkins(Sr)
Dobson (Mesa, AZ)



Asha Esprit(Sr)
Rincon (Tucson, AZ)



Sam Thompkins(So)
Mountain View (Tucson, AZ)


Arizona Division I 3-Point FG Leaders Boys Basketball Winter 12-13 (As of December 24, 2012)

   Marco Morales

Marco Morales Chandler ProfileThis week Chandler high school's Marco Morales pulls further away from those challenging him for the most 3-pointers per game leadership in Division I.   Morales now has 3.9 per game while Chaparral's Troy Conley brings up 2nd place ranking with 3.0 per game.   Marco's last performance against Dobson high school resulted in scoring 18 points with 4 3-pointers. 


RANK                PLAYER                                                      G  3FG  A3PG                                                                       


Marco Morales(Jr)
Chandler (AZ)





Troy Conley(Sr)
Chaparral (Scottsdale, AZ)





Ryan Richardson(Jr)
Dobson (Mesa, AZ)





Kashawn Shelton(Sr)
Ironwood (Glendale, AZ)





Diego Magana(Sr)
Desert Mountain (Scottsdale, AZ)




One Must Take Over 100,000 Shots A Year To Become A Legendary Shooter

TOP GUN 3 Banner
The game of basketball comes down to which team has more points on the scoreboard when the time clock expires.   To be the team that has the more points on the scoreboard, the winning team has to have the ability to stop the other team from scoring as well as the ability to score on the offensive end. 

Througout the last 20 years, the almost obsessive focus on the dunk has eclipsed the art of shooting.  Too often, the youth spread out throughout the courts of America have spent countless hours trying to play above the rim with the exciting slam dunk.    

Unfortunately, not enough hours have been spent on mastering the art of shooting.   Making baskets has been relegated to fast-break layups and rebound put-backs.    Rarely does one find that player that can score in multiple ways besides the lay-up and inside-the-paint put-back.  

Why is the pure shooter almost extinct?   Because it takes extreme discipline to put in the hard work of hundreds of shots a day resulting in thousands of shots a week.    When was the last time you met a basketball player who takes over 100,000 shots a year.....year in and year out?

These types of committed to shooting training players are out there, but they are few and far between.  There is no glory being in a gym shooting shot after shot for hours on end.   The mind begins to play games with you and distractions are forever a present reality.    Oftentimes, young players understand the value of shooting, however, they don't have access to a gym or even transportation to the facilities that are available.  

Parents work and oftentimes are simply not available to help with the transportation even though there is nothing more that the parent would love to do than to help their child.    So what to do?    You must figure out a way to get to a gym on a daily basis to get the shots up.   Begin your warm-ups with lay-ups and under-the-basket backboard shots.   Work your way out away from the basket to take mid-range pull-ups.   Eventually get out to the 3-point line and beyond and work on your set-shot and off-the-driblbe shooting.     

If you can find someone to work-out with you the better so that each of you can alternate between shooting and getting the ball back to the shooter.    Establish this type of daily work-out and then double the number of shots taken during the week on the weekend when you have more time to work-out.

During the spring, fall, winter and summer school breaks enroll into a shooting camp.  A well-run shooting camp where you get the opportunity to take thousands of shots a day while under expert supervision is the best option.   Too often, most camps offer lots of speeches and combine too many beginners and participants of all ages.   This is not the type of camp to attend.   Find a camp that seeks to train serious basketball players with already well-established shooting fundamentals.

Finding more advance camps will give you more time to take shots as opposed to being taught basics that you should already know.    The last thing you want to do is to pay for a camp that has you standing around to hear multiple speakers talk while you should be putting up shots.    An advanced shooting camp will avoid most of these pit-falls.

To help with the above we have created the Top Gun Shooting Camp Challenge offered throughout the winter, spring, summer and fall school breaks.    Our camp will offer you the opportunity to take thousands of shots in a short period of time and under expert supervision.    Utilize our camp as a part of your overall shooting development strategy.

For more information visit our website at or call us at 480-232-8572.  In the meantime, get your daily shots up and join us for the Top Gun Shooting Camp - Winter Session scheduled for January 2 - 5.

One thing is for sure, the ones who get the training are the ones who will be shooting the lights out during both the high school and club basketball seasons with plenty of playing time made available to them simply because they can put the ball in the basket.   Ofcourse, one must play defense as well...but that is another story.

DAILY SHOOTING:  Visit for their All-Stars Academy training sessions where you can get almost daily shooting training.   The Academdy offers the opportunity to train shooting lay-ups, floaters, pull-ups, free-throws and 3-pointers.

Arizona's Division I Top Five 3-Point Leaders as of December 10, 2012

   Marco Morales

Marco Varsity Photo 2011-12 Season-Chandler's 3-point shooting phenom Marco Morales moves into Arizona's Division I top 3-point shooting spot this week dropping four 3-pointers and scoring a total of 23 points against Desert Vista last Friday night. 

Dobson's sharpshooter, Ryan Richardson, takes over 2nd place and is only .4 points away from Marco's 1st place ranking.   This week Horizon's Christian Coraggio makes the Top 5 listing with a 4 for 9 shooting night against Shadow Mountain.'

Ironwood's Kashan Shelton drops down from last week's #1 3-point shooting ranking to #5.   Stay tune as Arizona's best of the best beyond-the-arc shooters fight it out to become known as Arizona's best 3-point shooting Varsity player for the 2012-13 season.


         PLAYERS                                       GAMES         TOTAL            PER GAME 3'S

#1  Marco Morales(Jr)                                 10                38                          3.8
     Chandler (AZ)                  

#2  Ryan Richardson(Jr)                              8                  27                          3.4     
     Dobson (Mesa, AZ)

#3  Diego Magana(Sr)                                 8                  24                          3.0
     Desert Mountain (Scottsdale, AZ)

#4  Christian Coraggio(Jr)                            4                  12                           3.0
     Horizon (Scottsdale, AZ)

#5  Kashawn Shelton(Sr)                            7                   21                           3.0
     Ironwood (Glendale, AZ)

To view the current top 50 Division I 3-point FG leaders click here.


Arizona's Division I Scoring Leaders as of December 10, 2012

  Kashawn Shelton

Kashawn SheltonIronwood's Kashawn Shelton catapulted into the Division I #1 scoring ranking from the #4 ranking by producing strong scoring games last week with 20 points against Deer Valley, 37 points against Kellis and 28 points against Alhambra.   The lightning quick 5' 9" senior is in a very competitive scoring race with Perry's Jordan Howard who is currently averaging 26.4 points per game.   Perry's Jordan Howard has been tenaciously moving up the scoring rankings with a well-balanced game that includes solid 3-point shooting, an ability to penetrate to score in the paint and to finish at the free-throw line.  Not far behind them are Rincon's Asha Esprit, Dobson's Jaron Hopkins and Red Mountain's Travis Meeker.  

                PLAYERS                                                          GAMES                                    POINTS PER GAME

#1   Kashawn Shelton(Sr)                                  7                                        26.9       
      Ironwood (Glendale, AZ)

#2  Jordan Howard(Jr)                                        9                                        26.4
      Perry (Gilbert, AZ)

#3   Asha Esprit(Sr)                                          10                                      25.9
      Rincon (Tucson, AZ)

#4  Jaron Hopkins(Sr)                                        8                                        25.1
      Dobson (Mesa, AZ)

#5  Travis Meeker(Sr)                                        7                                        22.3
      Red Mountain (Mesa, AZ)

To view Arizona's Division I current Top 50 scoring leaders click here.


Player To Watch: Cibecue High School's Michael Enriquez

Basketball on FireAlthough the season has just begun for this Division IV high school, Cibecue high school's Michael Enriquez has been on fire during his first 3 basketball games where he has averaged five 3-pointers per game.   

In his season opener against Alchesay high school, he dropped four 3-pointers and against Globe high school he delivered three 3-pointers.   On his third game of the season against Showlow high school, Enriquez showed up to serve Showlow with eight 3-pointers in one game.

Although three games is still to low of a sample to determine 3-point field goal domination, credit must be given to an average of five 3-pointers per game.   As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if Enriquez can sustain the rate of 3-pointers that he is currently delivering.   One thing is for sure, he is Arizona's current overall varsity leader in per game 3-point shooting.

Cibecue's head coach is coach Armando Cromwell.  To view the Arizona top 3-point shooters click here.

The Top Gun Winter Shooting Camp | January 2 - 5

The Fall Top Gun Shooting Camp was a success and now the Winter camp is here. 4 days of non-stop shooting under expert supervision will give the participant the opportunity to take thousands of shots. The camp is limited to 36 students and will attract Jr. High and High School age players who are serious about developing their shooting skill. Come see why some of the top shooters in Arizona come out of this shooting program.

Basketball Boot Camp - SHOOTING_0001

Arizona's Division I Top Five 3-Point Shooters as of December 3, 2012

Shooting MetalicaThe 3-point shooter is without argument the game changer of basketball.  The shot beyond the arc alongside the emphatic dunk rejuvenates a team and excites the crowd.  

Arizona has its fair share of shooting phenoms and is proud to bring to you the leaders as of December 3, 2012.   

Although the high school season is just under way, Ironwood, Chandler, Desert Mountain, Desert Vista and Dobson high schools are letting the basketball community know that they have the 3-point shooting kings to be feared by opponents and respected by all.   

               PLAYER                                      GAMES PLAYED           TOTAL              PER GAME 3'S

#1    Kashawn Shelton(Sr)
       Ironwood (Glendale, AZ)                   4                      16                 4.0

#2    Marco Morales(Jr)
       Chandler (Chandler, AZ)                   8                      30                 3.8

#3     Diego Magana(Sr)
        Desert Mountain (Scottsdale, AZ)    6                      22                 3.7

#4    Kyle Pittman(Sr)
       Desert Vista (Phoenix, AZ)               4                      13                 3.3

#5    Ryan Richardson(Jr)
       Dobson (Mesa, AZ)                          7                      22                 3.1




3-Point TOP GUN Shooting Competition | October 4 & 11

Basketball Boot Camp - 3 Point Competition_0001

As an added value to the upcoming TOP GUN SHOOTING BOOT CAMP, we have included the 3-POINT TOP GUN SHOOTING COMPETITION at the end of the camp.  

It will be open to the public and registration cost for the competition will be $95.00 for those who do not attend the camp but show up for the competition, however, the shooting competition is FREE for all of you who register and PAY for the Shooting Boot camp week session.  

Basically, the camp culminates in a 3-point shooting competition which is open to both boot camp participants and the public at large. 

Scouts, coaches and local youth basketball powerbrokers will be invited to come out to be part of the search for the best 3-point shooters in Arizona.  This is one of the rare moments where the player with a shooting expertise gets a chance to show-off the hard shooting training that has been invested to date.