The FULLCOURT PRESS Arizona Spring Showcase Delivered Top Performers

AreacodesbasketballLOGO-300x180Mesa, AZ – The 2nd Annual Fullcourt Press Arizona Spring Showcase was held at Mesa High School on Sunday and was well attended by prospects from California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona.

Directed by Etop Udo-Ema of Fullcourt Press & and Chad Groth of Area Codes Basketball the turnout couldn’t have been any better. The count of 189 total players participated in the one day showcase in front of several scouts and some college coaches.

In attendance were scouts and college coaches from DunkNews, Hot100Hoops, Vegas Hoops Report, West Coast Hoops Report, Area Codes Basketball, Hoops Report,, Grand Canyon University, Phoenix College, Scottsdale Community College, Glendale Community College and Western Texas College.

Below are the recaps for each grade level including top perfomers:


Arizona All-stars Club Players Recognized As Top Players At Recent Arizona Showcases

AZAllStars 8On February 24, Arizona All-stars Marco Morales and former All-stars Zach Green, Felipe Velazco, Timothy Johnson and Trevor Koechig are highlighted as top high school players at the Arizona Fullcourt Press Spring Showcase.

Also highlighted were Arizona All-stars incoming Freshmen Hunter Hibert and Michael Gross who were acknowledged for shooting and ball-handling.

On March 1, Arizona All-stars middle school players, Leon Chavez and Jared Paulus made the top players' list at the 2013 Middle School All State Games.

The All-stars players success at the showcases continue the Arizona All-stars trend of representing their training academy & club basketball organization as top ranked Arizona players coming from a results-focused All-stars Basketball Academy & Club program.

On February 24, the Full Court Press Arizona Spring Showcase was well attended by talented prospects from California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona.   At this event, the Arizona All-stars once again helped to elevate its brand as one of the top basketball training & development programs in Arizona with its current and former students shining on the hardwood.

        Marco Morales

Marco Morales BEST PICTUREArizona All-stars Marco Morales was recognized as one of the top Juniors in attendance with the comments, "the 6 foot 2 shooting guard makes it happen on both ends, leader and makes big shots with nice range."

Former Arizona All-stars Zachary Green, Felipe Velasco and Timothy Johnson were also highlighted as top performing players at the event Junior Zachary Green was highligted with the comment"the 6 foot 4 shooting guard has major athletic ability and DI talent."   

Junior Felipe Velazco was mentioned as, "a 6 foot 7 small forward can do many thing well, DI prospect at this time, rebounds effective & plays hard and Senior Timothy Johnson was mentioned as, "a 6’4 fundamentally sound player with good upside, can slash well and score."

Also highlighted were Arizona All-stars incoming Freshmen, Hunter Hibert and Michael Gross.  Hunter Hibert was named as one of the "3 Prospects That Can Score."   Arizona All-stars Michael Gross was name to the "Top 5 Ball-handlers" list.

               Zachary Green

Zach GreenMarco Morales, Hunter Hibert, Michaeld Gross, Zachary Green, Felipe Velazco and Timothy Johnson are products of the Arizona All-stars Basketball Academy & Club training system.  Trevor Koechig who a year ago arrived at the All-stars Academy as a relative unknown with a very limited skills-set was also highlighted as "one of the top 10 sleepers in the class."  

All-stars founder and director of basketball operations, Coach Jose Morales states,

"it is our intention to train and develop our student-athletes to become fundamentally sound team players.   We believe that our training and forward-leaning basketball vision is second to none and the evidence is there for all to see....our current and former students are simply bubbling to the top of the Arizona basketball community.   We have been at this for 9 years now and the results are self-evident.  What we do works and we are extremely happy for our students as they successfully showcase their hard-earned talents on the hardwood."

          Felipe Velazco

Felip VelascoCoach Morales is not just showing success at the high school level, he is also focusing on developing the next generation of high school varsity players by growing the All-stars Academy & Club student-athlete base with 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders.    A year ago, the Academy set out to find basketball players that were at the beginning stage of their skills-set development in order to challenge the Academy's training system to do it all over again with the middle school age group. 

"We are not about cherry picking the best talent from other teams," states Coach Morales.  "Our satisfaction comes from utilizing our eye for talent to discover that dedicated player with extremely supportive parents that are willing to put the hard work of training into our well thought-out basketball player development system."

On March 1, Coach Morales and the Arizona All-stars Basketball Academy & Club program had the opportunity to showcase those middle school players at the 2013 Arizona Middle School All State Games presented by Jeff Meadows of   Scouts in attendance included Chad Groth (Area Codes Basketball), Karayan Koenig (West Coast Hoops Report), Gregg Rosenberg (Power Basketball), Jeff Meadows (Hoops Report), and Jose Morales (

               Jared Paulus

Jared PaulusTwo of those players were Arizona All-stars 8th grader Leon Chavez and 7th grader Jared Paulus.   Leon Chavez was named to the showcase list of the "Top 15 - Class of 2017.    Jared Paulus was named to the showcase list of the "Top 10 - Class of 2018.   

Expect to hear these two names with more frequency whenever the best of the best are mentioned.  At the Jeff Meadow's Arizona Middle School All State Games, both Leon Chavez and Jared Paulus positively impacted the game with strong enough emphasis that their names were added to the top player list.  Also in attendance at this event were arizona All-stars 8th grader Sam McClimon and 7th grader Brandon O'Dowd.  Both players handled themselves well and expect them to also start making event top player lists as their overall skills-set continues to improve.

When asked about the stellar peformance that the All-stars players are showcasing throughout the valley, Coach Morales stated,

"this is the culmination of years of planning, developing and patiently growing our Academy & Club school of basketball.   We have many other players that will soon break-out into the basketball scene.  Middle school All-stars names to keep an eye on will be Jack Ortiz, Bayne Brevik, Kurt Thomas, Ethan Kielman, Wyatt Foshie-Smith, Cameron Allen and many others.  We are simply excited to be helping our student-athletes to develop into elite players.  Years ago we named our basketball training and development organization the 'All-stars' because we truly enjoy developing players into high performing basketball palyers and the basketball jury is in with a verdict...both the Jr. high and high school basketball success that our players are experiencing as well as the club showcase results reflect the evidence that we are delivering on that vision."

The Arizona All-stars are continuously looking for those who want to take their game to the next level.  To find out more about them or to contact the Arizona All-stars click here.

2nd Annual FULLCOURT PRESS Arizona Spring Showcase

Fullcourt Press All_West Camp
2nd Annual

FULLCOURT PRESS Arizona Spring Showcase

February 24, 2013

@ Mesa High School 
1630 E Southern Ave  Mesa, AZ  85204

$60 Event Fee


This showcase is designed to provide all attending
players an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the
college coaches, scouts and media that are expected to attend.

Showcase Features Include:

* Play Top Arizona Competition

* Get Evaluated by the West's Top Media Like  Etop Udo-Ema (Fullcourt Press & Hot 100 Hoops), Chad Groth (,  Matt Rodriguez (  Paul Dean (, Ralph Johnson (, Pras Murthy (, Lew Roberts (, Jeff Meadows ( and Neal Nieves (Coast to Coast)

* All Campers Included in Special Fullcourt Press Report

* All Campers Participate in 2 Showcase Games

*  40 Players in each class (8th grade-2017 to 12th grade-2013) 

Questions or Need More Information
Call (602) 318-4731 or e-mail


 Tentative Schedule

 11 am        8th graders (2017)/9th graders (2016)

12 pm        8th graders (2017)/9th graders (2016)

1 pm          10th grade (2015)

2 pm          11th grade (2014)

3 pm          10th grade (2015)

4 pm          11th grade (2014)

5 pm          12th grade (2013)

6 pm          12th grade (2013)

 Registration for 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th               9 am - 10:30 am

 Registration for 12th grade (Seniors)             3 pm - 4 pm

 Participants need to bring basketball gear to play in.  Every participant will be issued and game jersey with a number that will be turned in at the end of their last game for a T-shirt.  Every participant will play in 2 showcase games. 


6th Annual Arizona Middle School Basketball Exposure Showcase | January 27

Area Codes 3

Sunday - January 27, 2013

(9 a.m. - 3 p.m.)


2625 East Cactus Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Team Entry Fee: $125 or Individual Player Fee: $40

Limited to players in grades 5th thru 8th (ages 11-14)

This is Arizona’s ONLY exposure event of the year!


 *Participate in a Life Skills classroom session (optional)

*Each player will be ranked by several scouts & recruiting services in attendance

*Daily coverage will be posted on local/national scouting services and local websites

*The event will be covered by,,,, &

*Top players will receive an invitation to Pangos Jr. All-American Camp in February


RICH MCGEE (480) 206-3349 OR CHAD GROTH (602) 318-4731

Arizona's Chad Groth & Area Code Basketball Expands Into Texas

Already known as one of the top basketball showcase producers in Arizona, Area Codes Chad Groth has been methodically promoting his events outside of Arizona in places like New Mexico, Nevada, California and now Texas.    Below is his upcoming Texas event featuring the top middle school basketball players in El Paso.   


2012 Battle of the Classes Super 80 Exposure Event

AreaCodesBasketball_MAIN LOGO                                       

Start Date: 10/12/2012



Grade Range:

9 - 12

Event Fee:


Registration Closes:


Event Description:

The Area Codes Basketball Scouting Service, and Super 80 Battle of the Classes will be held on Friday October 12 at Fultz Memorial Gymnasium on the campus of Arizona Christian University in Phoenix, AZ.

In connection with the Arizona Junior College Jamboree this event will feature some of the top high school boys’ basketball players in Arizona. Several Scouts, DII, JUCO & NAIA College Coaches will be on hand to cover the action in this event.

The event coordinators are looking for some of the top high school players for this event. Players thru 9th – 12th grades that feel they should be in this event need to contact Chad Groth at 602.318.4731 or Email: 

All games will be webcast live on


  • Limited to 80 Top Prospects
  • *Battle of the Classes Showcase Exposure Event*
  • Event: Battle of the Classes Showcase Exposure Event for the Best Boys Grades 9-12 includes the Top 80 high school prospects in Arizona. 
  •  Cost: $30 online registration, $50 on October 12th
  • Place: Arizona Christian University – 2625 E. Cactus Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032
  • Game Times: Friday, October 12, 2012
  • 6:30PM - Future Stars Showcase Game – Frosh vs Soph
  • 7:30PM – 2014 Junior Showcase Game
  • 8:30PM- 2013 Senior Showcase Game

Session I & II wrap up: Tucson ELITE 50 Fall Showcase

Tucson ELITE50 2012Tucson, AZ – This event attracted the best prospects in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Named the Tucson ELITE 50 because 50 players in each session were invited to attend the event that will run again next Spring and Fall.

The event was directed by Chad Groth and Brian Peabody this event secured the top prospects in Tucson, AZ.

With this event, Chad Groth and continues to solidify its position as one of Arizona's key youth basketball talent resource.

To read the entire Area Codes Basketball recap click on the below sessions:

SESSION 1 RECAP (Junior High School)

SESSION 2 RECAP ( High School )