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In the last two years, Chandler Roberts has helped to lead his 7th and 8th grade Taylor Jr. High school team to consecutive championships.  In addition, he has been a key player with the Arizona All-Stars on winning multiple championships.   Chandler is herculean strong and he uses it on the court to barrel through defenses in order to finish at the rim.   He cleans up around the room scooping up rebounds at will and those rebounds usually convert to easy put-backs.  

C _ TaylorRecently, he has been developing his perimeter shooting and now sports a nice 3-pointer which makes him very difficult to guard.   But offense play is not his only strength; he brings very disciplined defense to the court by forcing his defensive assignments to either pick up their dribble or make tough to make attempts at the basket.  Currently, he is working on his handles and passing skills in order to develop point guard capabilities which will make him an incredible value adding player next year when he enters the high school basketball scene. 

In his last club tournament championship, he was selected as MVP.  

Standing at close to 6', this young prospect is one to watch. | "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information"

AZ All-Stars Cruise to the Dunking In The Desert XXVII 8th Grade Championship


The Arizona All-Stars Basketball Academy (ABA) exists for player development.   It looks for players who want to, either make their school teams, or become starters.    Since 2005, the ABA has had an incredible 90%+ success rate on its student-athletes making their 7th and 8h grade team.    Most ABA students go on to make their high school teams and many become high school Freshmen MVPs.     Today, the ABA has a track record of its graduates playing at the collegiate level.  

Chandler Roberts | MVP

PHOTO_Tournament MVP_ ChandlerBut it all begins early at the 3rd through 6th grade when the ABA seeks out its  young students to prepare them for the highly intense club competition that eventually takes place at the 7th and 8th grade levels.     With the knowledge that it takes the ABA at least 2 years to properly develop a student-athlete to become a true All-Star caliber player, the academy looks for parents and players who are commitment to training and playing with a non-negotiable focus on academics.    Too often, the biggest negative impact on failure in the development of the player, is the player's inability to maintain their academics at a high level.  When this happens, the student is usually and rightfully so taken out of the program by the parents to focus on academics.  Upon the return of the player, the skills usually have considerably slipped and it makes it very difficult for the student-athlete to catch up.   So due to the emphasis on academics, 90%+ of ABA students are very successful in both academics and basketball.

With the above in mind, on October 13 - 15, the ABA's 8th grade team won the Dunking in the Desert XXVII championship.  The team cruised to a championship with little resistance which is a positive reflection of the ABA's goal to ensure that by the time the student-athletes get to 8th grade competitive level, they are winning championships and positioning themselves to successfully catapult themselves into high school basketball.  

For more information on the ABA, go to    The ABA is always looking for serious parents and players who are committed to mastering the art of basketball. | "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information"