Top Gun Summer Shooting Camp Sessions 1 - 4

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The Top Gun Shooting Camp is where serious shooters go to train.    If you want to become known as one of the best 3-point shooters in your area this is the camp for you.

The camp was created to give a training opportunity to those who are willing to shoot over 3,000 shots in one week over a four-day period and want to do it again every school break.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall camp sessions take place and it is here where the best shooters in your area are made.

Make no mistake about it, the Top Gun Shooting Camp is for those who want to master the art of shooting.

We are all about putting in the work to get the best results.    Visit us at | "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information" | Revolutionizing Player Development


The All-Stars Basketball Academy has a unique training program that has been proven to accelerate player development.   We accept student-athletes who are in 4th grade and we develop them to be ready to play club basketball beginning in their 5th grade.   

We do make exceptions with younger players whose readiness level to play with and against older players is very strong.  If you feel your son's readiness level has him positioned to tryout now, please respond back and we will arrange a one on one.

We train our 4th graders for 6 months or more before they are ready to play competitive basketball against the older competition.   For older players in the 5th through 8th grade, we arrange a walk-on tryout where we evaluate the players skills and basketball IQ to determine readiness to play or need to train before playing.

We recommend to parents of younger players to revisit us late in 4th grade to schedule an individual evaluation.  Parents of 5th through 8th grade players should contact us right away in order to ensure that they are able to get on a team.

We are all about player development, long-term commitment and an extremely high standard of excellence.  Dare to be great at the art of basketball.  Before committing to any program, check us out and get to know why the ABA is the ultimate player development program.

Academy:  All-Stars Basketball Academy (ABA)

Contact: 480-232-8572


Website: | "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information"