Nikko Pentelute | Gilbert High School's Varsity Freshman Up and Coming HoopsTalent

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Nikko Pentelute is a freshmen on the Gilbert Tigers' Varsity team who is splitting game time between the Varsity and JV teams. For a freshman, Nikko is physically strong enough to compete at the varsity level and has done a good job challenging his upperclassmen during team training sessions and steps-up to challenge Varsity level opponents during games.

Besides the physical aspect that he brings, Nikko's game mind-set is miles ahead of most freshmen. His basketball IQ is simpy off the charts. The coaching staff is very excited for Nikko’s progression over the next four years to lead the Tigers to many successful seasons. 

Assistant Varsity Coach Newendyke states "Nikko is a hard worker and we are looking forward to seeing him grow with our program.   He is not just on the team, he is a Freshman that gets to play and contribute."

Nikko's ability on the court and game IQ is easily attributed to his father, Tom Pentelute, who trained and coached his son throughout most of Nikko's competitive youth basketball years.  Tom's passion for the game has made him a well-respected Arizona club basketball coach who has positively influenced many kids in the game.  Watching Tom coach shows why Nikko has developed into a strong up and coming local hoops star.    But Tom is quick to note that Nikko's ability on the court comes from everyone who has contributed to Nikko's current success.   He states that, "it has taken an entire community of basketball leaders to shape Nikko's game."

Nikko currently plays for both the Varsity team and the JV team.  Gilbert high school JV coach, Michael Charles is one of Nikko's raving fans.   When asked what he thinks of Nikko, Coach Charles was quick to point out that Nikko arrived to the high school team with "an incredibly polished game that includes a high basketball IQ coupled with very refined basketball skills."  

Currently, the Gilbert high boys basketball Varsity team is a true contender for the Arizona state championship title.  Sporting only one loss for the season, the team is formidable, well-trained and has great player chemistry.   Having Freshman Nikko Pentelute on the team is indicative of a winning team that is fated to be one of the top boys basketball teams in the Arizona youth basketball landscape for many years to come.

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The Arizona All-Stars Shine at the 2019 Arizona Middle School Basketball Championship

2019 State Championship_ALLSTARS

The Arizona All-Stars 7th grade club team qualified for the 2019 Middle School State Championships and played in it this past weekend.  The team shined throughout the tournament with a 3-1 record in the Gold division losing to the AZ Best Select in the first pool game after being ahead at the end of the 1st half 20-18.   AZ Best Select went on to win the division championship it had to work hard to get past the All-Stars.   Throughout the tournament, the All-Stars displayed excellent teamwork, high IQ, great defense and proved once again that the Arizona All-Stars Basketball Academy is one of the top youth basketball player development programs in Arizona.   The results speak for themselves. 

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2019 State Championship_ALLSTARS POOL RESULTS

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American Leadership Academy North Teams Deliver at the Tucson Arizona State Championships

ALA State Championship 2019
American Leadership Gilbert North Jr.H. basketball program went 7 - 1 at the Arizona Middle School State Championship in Tucson.  ALA Gilbert North 8th grade team went 3 -1, loosing to Stapley Jr.H in the semi-finals, then bouncing back to beat Desert Foothills to secure 3rd place in the 8th grade school division.  ALA Gilbert North 7th grade team went 4 - 0, beating Roskuge Jr.H in the semi-finals and Stapley Jr.H. in the finals to win the 7th grade school division of the Arizona Middle School State Championship.  American Leadership Gilbert North Jr.H. basketball program completes its 2018 - 19 season with a accumulative recorded of 42 - 5. | "The Premier source for Competitive Youth Basketball Information"

SWS Spring Championships Tournament | March 9 - 10, 2019

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SWS Spring Championships Tournament
Dates: March 9th-10th, 2019
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Divisions: Boys 4th, 5th, 6th Silver, 6th Gold, 7th Silver, 7th Gold, 8th Silver, 8th Gold, Freshman, JV and Varsity
Girls 5th/6th, 7th/8th, Freshman and Varsity
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