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JuniorHoops.com (Arizona) Player Profile: Marco Morales, Class of 2014

2011-01-05 22.16.32 JuniorHoops.com had already done a player profile on Chandler High School Sophomore, Class of 2014, Marco Morales from his participation at the Fullcourt Press Frosh/Soph Showcase held earlier in the month.  After Marco's performance at this past weekend's Area Codes Basketball Academic Showcase, another mention was definitely earned.

Why is that?  Answer: Two games were played by each player at the showcase and Marco came to play as evidenced by opening up the first game with an outside 3-pointer that was a shot across the bow to everyone that he was not going to be denied the opportunity to showcase his talents.   Soon after his first 3-pointer, he followed it up with a total of three 3-pointers just in the first game before it was all said and done.  Keep in mind that the showcase had the players playing 20 minutes total on average. With limited playing time, Marco also added a left-handed drive to the basket while being challenged all the way to simply lay it off the glass with precision and poise. 

If that was not enough for the scouts and writers on hand, Marco showed that he does not just bring a shooting arsenal to the court, but also and incredible ability to see the court and to deliver the rock with Nash like accuracy.  By the end of the first showcase game, Marco had unveiled a passing clinic capability that was simply fun to watch and amazing to witness in a showcase that usually brings out the ball-hoggers to the surface. 

A scoring mentality solidly grounded in a make your teammates better teamwork foundation is definitely the personification of Marco Morales. And yet he was not finished with his showcase exclamation skills statement.

Early on in the first showcase game, it was apparent that Marco Morales came to play.  With this in mind, one of the best point guards in Arizona in Rolando Rhymes (See previous JuniorHoops.com player profile on Rolando), made it a point to guard Marco.   Rolando is known for asking to guard the best player on the floor and in Marco's first showcase game this day, Rolando recognized Marco's contribution this day so Rolando switched to try to become the stopper.

As mentioned earlier, Marco was not to be denied as he crossed-over Rolando not once or twice but a multiple number of times with ease.   This is not to take away from Rolando since he is a beast at stealing basketballs from elite players.   But this day, against Marco Morales, that was not to be the case and it was happening in front of all present to view.

Yet Marco still was not done.  Marco was also guarding Rolando Rhymes and this is where the showcase attendees got to see that Marco's biggest strength of all which is his ability to be a stopper.  Rolando did not score a basket throughout most of the game as Marco was relentless defending him forcing Rolando to take shots under pressure and to simply give up the ball.  

It was not until the final 5 minutes of play that Rolando was able to score against Marco.  He scored twice against Marco before the game was done but keep in mind that Rolando is also one of the upcoming stars in the Arizona basketball scene with an already established basketball pedigree.  In the second game Marco launched and made two 3-pointers out of three attempts while once again shutting down his opponent on defense.  Needless to say he also provided a high number of assists in the second game thus displaying an uncanny ability to consistently find the open man with accurate precision.

Based on this past weekend's showcase results, it was obvious that Marco Morales utilized the Area Codes Baskeball Academic Showcase as the venue to state that his star is rising as well and, since he is just a Sophomore, it is one that is sure to continue to rise and shine for a long time to come.

Michael Wilson | JuniorHoops.com | Talent Scout, Writer & Analyst