Phoenix Fall Showcase - Top Prospects by Chad Groth
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Area Codes Academic Showcase Breakdown By Chad Groth

Area Codes Academic Showcase Breakdown

Academic Showcase 2011
By Chad Groth

Glendale, AZ – The Area Codes Academic Showcase was held September 25, 2011 at Copper Canyon High School. 144 players participated in this event. Guest speakers included Lawrence Hill a former Deer Valley High School player that went on to play at Stanford University, Larry Hill the father of Lawrence Hill, Lester Neal a former Arizona State basketball player, Gabe Van Guse the head coach at Pima College, Angella Mejia who leads the Academic Counselor’s department at Grand Canyon University and Donny Brown a former standout at Providence College under Rick Pitino and the father of a two sport (Football and Basketball) athlete at Harvard University and owner now runs Interscholastic Futures.  
Let’s break down a list of players that performed well as I will put out three reports. (In no particular order)

Joseph Monreal, 6’0            2012       Nogales – Had a good showing as Monreal can really hit the open shot, can really score in bunches.

Bikonzi Moise, 6’5                2012       Kellis – Solid Playmaker that needs to focus on good court awareness and improve shot selection.

DJ Board, 6’2                         2012       Copper Canyon – Defended well and has a good drive and can pass on the break, must work on conditioning which will help him become more effective.

Ryndall Roberts, 5’11          2012       Boulder Creek – Tough on both ends of the floor and has heart.
Ryndall Roberts (Boulder Creek 2012)
Christian Thompson, 6’7    2012       Arcadia – Very athletic wing that flies over the basket, can score on the block or put it on the floor. Keep an eye on him, great upside.

Rayvon Johnson, 6’0            2013       Copper Canyon – Impressed on a few good moves driving to the basket, active.

Jordan Pollard, 5’11            2014       Cactus – Really showed skills and has good upside, one to watch.

Dan Richards, 6'2               2013       Mesa – Good at making plays and is a solid athlete, keep eye on.

Brandon Williams, 6’0         2014       Paradise Valley – Pure PG that can distribute in transition, good leadership skills.

Kavon Rivers, 6’1                 2014       Mesa – Did a lot of things well and has a chance.

Brody Sharkey, 5’8              2014       Peoria – Very crafty with his handles and makes plays.

Marco Morales, 5’11           2014       Chandler – Shot the ball well and can score, improving daily is the word.

Billy Rowan, 6’2                    2014       Valley Vista – Plays well on both ends, boxes out on defense and rebounds.

Ryan Stutzman, 5’5             2015       Willow Canyon – PG that can run a team, needs to take over on offense, will improve and has all the tools, watch out in the next few years.
Jonathan Matthews, 5’11  2013       Sierra Linda – Can play both guard positions and is a true leader.

Buoy Maker, 6’1                   2014       Peoria – Has good skills and shows it in spurts.

Bryce Gosar, 6’2                   2012       Sunnyslope – Played well and is deadly from outside shooting, can score.

Cole Kelper, 6’1                   2015       Basha – Great one on one defender and has skills to be very good.

David Forker, 6’5                 2012       Arcadia – Defended well and caught our eye.

Hugh Coles, 5’9                    2014       Dobson – Fiesty playmaker and can pass on the break.

Jake Feingold, 5’9                2014       Prescott – One to watch and has good upside.

Eric Williams, 6’0                  2012       Westview – Sleeper of the showcase, can play and has skills & all around athletic.