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Arizona All-Stars Players at the Showcase All Arizona Showcase

Arizona All-Stars Showcasing Skills at the 2011 All Arizona ShowcaseAz Allstars at 2011 All Arizona Showcase
(From left to right) Blake Williams, AJ Warren, Daquise Gaines, Keaton Ranger, Marco Morales, Jordan Shipp, Tim Johnson

1. Blake Williams | Queencreek High School | Displayed point guard skills with paint penetration and outside shooting range.  Needs to keep head up when dribbling.  Expect him to have an impact in 2012 season.

2. AJ Warren | Chandler High School | Displayed a nice pull up jumper and rebounding skills. Needs to make shots and finish layups with more consistency.  Has great upside.

3. Daquise Gaines | Chandler High School | Showed quickness, passing, shooting and penetration skills.  One to watch.

4. Keaton Ranger | Home Schooled | Was a streaky shooter but can knock it down if he gets hot. At elite level competition against quicker and taller opponents will need to shoot more and drive less.  Developing daily.

5. Marco Morales | Chandler High School | Backed up his developing reputation of being a shooting phenom with 14 3-pointers in 4 games....against upperclassmen.  Very poised and mature in his overall game.  Likes to share the ball. 

6. Jordan Shipp | Prescott High School | Tall, athletic, developing skills and extremely coachable but was tentative. A great teamplayer.

7. Tim Johnson | San Carlos High School | Good shooter yet was tentative in consistently shooting the ball.  Has paint penetration skills. Will need to be more aggressive in showing his skills  and needs a quicker release on his shot.  Can be dangerous from the outside when hot.

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