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Arizona All-Stars Defeat Team AZ Stars to Win Varsity Championship at the "Each One Teach One" Tournament

AZAllStars 3The city of Goodyear, Arizona was the perfect name setting for the Arizona All-Stars since it certainly has been a good year so far for the Arizona All-Stars Varsity team.   So far, the team has defeated quite a few brand club names to date and with its recent championship win against Team AZ Stars, the Arizona All-Stars are proving to be a team to take seriously.

"It has been a work in progress throughout the last 8 years in building this team", says club program founder, Coach Morales.  "I have been working with my son for many years to get to this point and I have surrounded him with equally talented young men that love the game of basketball and are willing to sacrifice to get to the collegiate level of play", he added.

The organization is now growing with multiple teams with many younger players beginning the same basketball journey that Coach Morales began with his son many years ago.   Today, the club program's crowning achievement is the group of talented high school sophomores who are aligned with a couple of juniors and seniors in a quest to become the top club program in Arizona.

"The journey is far from over since there are a handful of very talented club programs who have been around a lot longer than the All-Stars and who have rightfully earned their basketball pedigree", says Coach Morales.  "These club teams are tough to beat and have represented Arizona quite well in the national youth basketball scene and will continue to do so for many years to come", he added.

But one by one these same club teams are beginning to fall to the Arizona All-Stars varsity playing squad.  At the "Each One Teach One" tournament just held this past weekend, the Arizona All-Stars took on the Team AZ Stars squad on center court and the game ended with a 60 to 57 win for the All-Stars.   With just 2:36 left in the game, the All-Stars led by 17 points when they decided to bring in their bench to finish off the game but Team AZ Stars was not about to go quietly into their good night.  

Team AZ Stars almost pulled off the win due to a series of mishaps to include a timeout called by an All-Star player when no more timeouts where available to use resulting in a technical, two free-throws and the ball given back to Team AZ Stars.  The game came down to a last second inbound attempt to tie the game by Team AZ Stars which ended up fruitless thus solidifying another win for the Arizona All-Stars.

It was a strong statement win that will resound throughout the Arizona club scene and serves notice to others that the Arizona All-Stars have talent on their team and they appear to be poised for a strong 2012 club basketball season.

Arizona All-Stars - Elite Team

Edward Johnson: Point guard for Hamilton high school and nephew of ASU assists record holder, Lynn Collins, Edward brings leadership to the hardwood and a very aggressive style of play.  Already he is being sought out by a major Post-Grad Academy that is known as a factory of NBA players.  Edward is simply a major threat on the hardwood.  He has a balanced skills-set that includes a 3-pointer, mid-range jumber, paint-penetration, passing ability and tenacious defense.  His biggest strength is his warrior spirit which is displayed on the hardwood as one of the most aggressive attacking guards currently on the Arizona basketball landscape.

Keaton Ranger:  Strong shooting guard who has a knack for shooting and making shots under pressure.  This home-schooled player came on the club scene a year ago and already is making waves throughout the club scene.  At the end of last year he was voted "Most Valuable Player" at a San Carlos, Arizona tournament.  At Vernon Holmes showcase a few weeks ago, he entertained spectators with 3-pointers under pressure which caught the attenion of a Division III coach who was present at the event.  Look for Keaton Ranger's basketball stock to rise further since his game is becoming quite well-rounded in all aspects of the game.   At the "Each One Teach One" tournament this weekend, he showed a balanced approach to inside and outside scoring and defended tenaciously while also pulling down his fair share of rebounds.

Blake Williams:  In his second season as an All-Stars member, Blake adds shooting and paint penetration to the All-Stars arsenal of weapons.  Voted for Honorable Mention in the 2011-12 All-Tribune Team selection, this Sophomore is going to make a name for himself by the time his Senior year arrives. (Article #1). At any given moment, Blake can go on a shooting run that will leave spectators in awe and opponents in shock.  He sports a beautiful floater that consistenly is used to the chagrin of defenders and to the joy of his coaching staff.  Blake is simply one of the best sophomore guards in the state.

Marco Morales:  Marco Morales has been in the radar of ArizonaVarsity.com, AreacodesBasketball.com and SouthwestShowcase.com for a few years.  This combo guard has been making a name for himself in the club scene for quite some time. As one of the most unselfish players in the basketball scene, he is both a natural shooter and point guard, but it is his overall balanced approach to the game that is making his name a rising stock in the basketball community. He sports a deadly 3-pointer that comes from tenaciously working on his shooting to the tune of 700+ shots a day. You will often find him in all of the area's top showcases and major tournaments where he always leaves a number of defenders scratching their heads trying to figure out how to stop his outside 3-point threat, ball-handling and passing ability.

Kelsey Trevino:  A point guard with excellent court vision and a teamball mentality.  He can easily shift to the shooting guard position and will not hesitate to launch his fair share of 3-pointers.  Over the last two years he has grown in height nicely and is returning to the All-Stars with a vengeance to improve further.  In his Freshman year at Marcos de Niza high school, he was voted co-MVP of the frosh season with stellar stats in scoring, assists and rebounds.  The biggest strength with Kesley is his can do team player demeanor.  He brings to the hardwood a warrior spirit with a desire to be in the thick of the action.  A very unselfish player, he makes his teammates better and yet manages to score with a very balanced approach to scoring with outside shots, attacking the paint and open court fast break layups.   He is an excellent free-throw shooter and is tenacious on defense where he is often used to stop the opposing team's best player.

Rakim Johnson:  Cousin to Chandler high school basketball star, Devorious Johnson, Rakim sports the same long arms of his cousin and uses them quite well for rebounding, deflections, and blocks.  True to the All-Stars reputation for churning out shooters, Rakim can shoot the ball from long range, but it is his uncanny ability to use his pivoting footwork that leaves defenders confused.   He can pivot in the paint  better than most players in the state and is one of the main reasons why the Arizona All-Stars varsity is now a club team that can take on the best of the best teams in the state.  With a 6' 4" frame, he plays more like a 6' 8" post player. 

Bear Mosley:  Measuring at 6' 5" and growing, Bear has become a very strong forward with the All-Stars.  His frame is thick making him hard to push out of the paint and his strong post moves make him a constant threat in the paint.   He possesses a very nice free-throw shooting percentage and is not afraid to attack the paint with relentless abandoned.  Bear is one of the original All-Stars players and has very good chemistry with all of his teammates.  Look for his star to rise high and shine bright in 2012.

Luke Lamb: A rebounding machine.  He just has a knack for the ball that is a joy to behold.  He is truly a coach's dream since he can easily pull down double figures rebounding stats on a consistent basis.  But his contributions on the hardwood are not limited to rebounding; he has a 3-point set shot that will hurt his opponents if they assume that he won't shoot the ball.   The fact is that Luke loves to shoot the ball and does so frequently and effectively.  He will also attack the paint with extreme aggression on a consistent basis.   Luke personifies the hard-working basketball player who does not like to loose and will always give you intense hustle every moment that he is on the court.

Jared McCleery:  Shot blocker, defender, and sports a very nice turn-around post shot.  Jared loves to rebound and defend but also has a very nice outside shot that he is beginning to utilize with more frequency.  He is the ultimate teamplayer and looks to feed his guards with an inside to outside passing game that fits very well with the All-Stars phenomenal shooting guards.  As he continues to develop in the All-Stars system, look for him to explode in the current club and 2012-13 high school basketballl season.   We believe that he is a sleeper that will become one of the top players in Arizona by his senior year.

Kameron Casey:  A sophomore who currently stands at 6' 6" and growing.  He is expected to grow to 6' 9" by his senior year with Chandler high school.  He joined the Arizona All-Stars last club season and ended the year with a barrage of double double games.  Improving by leaps and bounds, expect Kameron to surprise a lot of people in both the club and high school basketball community.   The word on the street is that he has been working out intensely on his post game.  He currently has a 90 percent plus free-throw shooting skill and couple with his post play, he will be a thorn in the side of his opponents for a long time to come.  With his height and improving skills, he is sure to be picked up for the next level of play.

For more information on the Arizona Allstars visit their website at www.ArizonaAllstarsBasketball.com.