Marco Morales, Devon Lundy & Myles Thompson Recognized at the 1st Annual Phoenix College Invitational
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Marco Morales in Top Performers List of "Battle of the Classes Super 80" 2014 Class

On October 4th Chad Groth's Battle of the Classes Super 80 took place at Arizona Christian University in Phoenix (Ariz.).   In the article highlighting the top performers in the event's 2014 class,  Chandler high school Senior and Arizona All-Stars club team player, Marco Morales was mentioned as one of the best performers in the showcase.  

Below is Basketball Analyst Gregg Rosenberg's observation:

Marco A Morales 2013"6-foot-1 CG Marco Morales attends Chandler. Morales is a cold blooded shooter. He has deep range and lets the ball fly very quickly. He holds a high IQ to get his shot off without someone in his face and moves well without the ball. He can make passes to teammates to help facilitate for his team.  He does look to score first then pass second. He will have to continue to put on weight and gain some more strength to defend at the higher level."