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How Serious Are You? | Jan 2 - 5 Top Gun Shooting Camp

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For those serious about the art of shooting it is that time of year to get back in the gym and work on perfecting the art of shooting. 

We have designed the camp to be limited in size so that we can concentrate on offering quality training where thousands of shots are taken under expert supervision. If you received this for the first time, you still can get into the camp as a walk-in for all four days or the days that you can attend.  There is still room.

If you want to be better than most shooting the ball, we are the camp for you.   We are not theorizing or experimenting. We have done that already. We are years into the art of teaching how to shoot the ball and we have the results to prove it.

One must learn how to shoot the ball correctly and how to shoot it in multiple real-game scenarios.   The will to shoot must be there and the will comes from confidence developed through hundreds of training hours engaged in the art of shooting.

Our venue creates that opportunity.   It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how to become a great shooter. Everyone makes it out to be such a difficult endeavor, when in fact, it is not that hard at all.   What is difficult is finding the right camp that understands how to teach the art of shooting and the volume of shots that must be taken to establish correct habits that will lead to natural behaviors on the court needed to become a successful shooter.

Are you up for it? Do you have what it takes to put the work in? Is your dream to be a great shooter aligned with the effort required to become one?

We are here for you. Let’s see if you walk in through our door.   That is if you serious enough to commit to the hours and the volume of shots required to become the best.

By Jose Morales |