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Ethan Evangelista | Arizona 8th Grader with Speed, Hustle and Skills

Ethan Profile Picture 2017The adjectives that utilizes to define "well-rounded" are "having desirably varied abilities or attainments; desirably varied; fully developed; and well-balanced."

With these adjectives in mind, they might as well have included a head-shot picture of Ethan Evangelista.   For you see, Ethan Evangelista, who is known as "Double-E" by his friends, is the epitome of a basketball player that has attained a  balanced skills-set level to become a player that shows up on the court with all the skills necessary to have for every game situation and against any type of defender.

In addition, the nick name "Double-E" is because of his first and last name beginning with the letter E, however; his game on the court dictates that the nick name be given because of his "Double Effort" when compared to all other players.

I have discovered, trained and continuously evaluated many players throughout my player development career, but very few student-athletes can compare to the effort that this whirlwind of a player puts forth.

When the need for outside shooting is required, Ethan can be counted upon to drain 3-point set shots with ease.   When the defense has to play him tight outside the 3-point line, Ethan simply pounds the ball to create his own off-the-dribble  3-pointers.    Whether it is a straight-line, pull-back, or step-back that is called upon, Ethan simply digs down into his tool bag with the ability to deploy what is needed.

Invariably, defenders have to play him tight, but when they do so, his quickness to drive past the defense is like the superhero Flash who simply leaves his opponents in a slow-motion dimension with very few defenders able to muster the lateral quickness needed to stay with Double-E.

Floaters, euro-steps, spins, hesitations, mid-range shots, hops, one-two step pull-ups and more make up the Ethan arsenal that makes him so well-rounded.  

Unlike many elite players who can deliver the scoring goods in 3 to 5 minutes spurts, Ethan can do so while playing the entire game and then some.   The kid simply has an engine that has no limit.   The lungs on this young star is amazing to behold.    When combining his speed with endurance and his overall skills-set, it is hard to find an equal.

And he is only an 8th grader.

The upside potential is off-the-charts for young Ethan Evangelista.   But the best quality that adds the cherry on top of the cake is Ethan's character.   He is a well-raised young man that emits goodness and caring to all those around him.   Not shy to share his flashing smile and caring heart, Ethan is liked by all and when he steps on the court it is easy to see how much he is liked by his team mates and respected by his coach.

Ethan Evangelista is one to watch.   I predict great things for this young Phenom on and off the court.

  • Name:  Ethan Evangelista
  • Grade:  8th Grade
  • Age:  14U
  • Club Team:  Arizona All-Stars
  • Position: Point-guard
  • Middle School:  Benjamin Franklin
  • Potential High School:  Benjamin Franklin

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