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The Secret to Basketball Success


How successful a player becomes in the game of basketball depends on speed.   Some players are natural born sprinters while others must work hard at developing their speed.   Whether gifted at birth with speed or not, being able to get up and down the court fast will determine how far the basketball player will go in the sport.

There are players that dunk the basketball with ease while some can shoot the 3-pointer at a high efficiency while others are incredible boxing-out rebounders.   But if these players are not able to run up and down the court with speed, their unique strengths will be of no use.   They will be forever behind the game. Arriving too late to be effective on the offense as well as being unable to get back to defend the quicker players.

But at any given moment, if one was to enter a basketball gym, what would be seen would be players trying to dunk or working on their 3-point range.   Rarely do you see players working to develop their speed with strength work, acceleration or quickness and deceleration drills.

Throughout the years I have seen many basketball players not make their high school teams because they simply lacked speed.     At each school level the game only gets quicker.   The speed needed at high school is so much more than middle school.   In high school, the speed needed as a Freshman is nothing compared to how fast the game becomes at the JV and Varsity levels.

For those with college and professional basketball aspirations, speed is a must have for any position in today‚Äôs fast paced small ball game.  

The need for speed is needed at every sport by every athlete, however, when it comes to basketball, speed is non-negotiable in every position.   Being able to change directions quickly, defend with lateral movement and to run up and down the court on fast breaks or getting back on defense in time to defend all depends on speed.

Working on all the skills needed in basketball increases the opportunity to be successful in the sport, but having all those skills without speed is an exercise in futility.    The game just simply gets faster at every level and every position and the young athlete must continue to improve his speed in order to keep up with the need for speed that basketball requires.  

The need for speed is simply the secret to success in basketball.

By Jose Morales | JuniorHoops.com