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When the Art of Shooting Meets the Art of Teaching.

Top Gun Prodigy

Years ago, when I was in 8th grade, I decided to become the best shooter that anyone had ever seen.    I set out on this quest with a determination and all the faith in the world that I could do it.

I figured that it would not be difficult.  Learn the proper shooting technique and repeat thousands of times until it became as easy as breathing.

So I dedicated myself to getting the shots up.   Before school, at lunch time, after school and later in the evenings, I could be found in the gym shooting as if my life depended on it.

On weekends I would leave a school window or door unlocked so that I could sneak into the gym and shoot away to my heart's content.   Shooting the basketball became a pure act of joy for me.  I would lose all other thoughts just to focus on the mechanics.   I would play mental games to see how many in a row I could make or if I could hit the basket dead center at will.   

The process became a form of meditation.

By the time I was a Senior in high school I had become so good that the best players of surrounding schools would come to my school to challenge me on 1 on 1 games.  All of them left unable to stop the kid with the unbelievable outside shot.

That was 39 years ago. 

TOP GUN 10 Three Pointers One GameSince then my son was also taught by me every aspect of shooting.   He put in the same focused work.  I stopped counting how many shots he had taken long after we passed a million shots.   We shot before games, after games, before and after team practices and during school breaks.   The Arizona Republic newspaper ranked him in the top 5 best shooters in the state.   They also ranked him top 50 best players of 2014.  He hit 97 3-pointers his Junior year and to ensure that it was no fluke he hit 97 3-pointers again in his Senior year but this time with a higher efficiency at 43%.     The day he signed his $34,000 yearly tuition full-ride scholarship to a 4-year University was one of my family’s proudest day and always to be remembered.

Today, I offer the same training that I used on myself as well with my son.  The Top Gun Shooting camp is for those who want to be equally mesmerizing with the art of shooting. Many students have journeyed through my camp and those who have done so consistently have gone on to have wonderful shooting moments on the court that they will remember for the rest of their lives. So will their parents and those who were and still are fortunate to view them in action.

Now it’s your turn.   

The Top Gun Camp is waiting for you on January 2-5.    It has a price to it that is reasonable.  The training is incalculable.  I have transitioned from the art of shooting to the art of teaching.    Like that 8th grade kid who long ago sneaked into the gym with stars in his eyes to get his shots in, today I rent the Gym with stars in my eyes to teach the art of shooting......only this time the stars in my eyes are the reflection of your kids who I already envision mesmerizing the crowd with their shooting skills. If you are going to do something, be the best at it.  Become a pure shooting Star!

By Jose Morales |

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