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8th Grader Noah Rasmussen Selected as The JuniorHoops.com 2017 Player of the Year


COVER_Noah Rasmussen_Jan 15_2018Junior Hoops of America has named Bogle Jr. High School 8th grade student-athlete, Noah Rasmussen, as the 1st recipient of the newly created JuniorHoops.com 2017 Player of the Year award.

The yearly award is given to the Arizona youth basketball player that has achieved a high standard of excellence in both school and competitive club basketball.

"Junior Hoops of America is proud to select Noah Rasmussen as the first honoree of this annual award.  The award exemplifies the student-athlete that has accomplished a high standard of excellence both in the classroom as well as on the court.   Noah is a true ambassador of the sport who epitomizes the spirit of this award," states Junior Hoops of America founder and CEO, Jose Morales. 

Noah Rasmussen is a 4.0 student in the classroom with a ten 3-point club game to accompany his classroom achievements.    His devotion to the game has been reflected in overcoming a major knee injury as well as a broken foot.   After each injury he returned to the court to consistently perform scoring feats that wowed the crowd and inspired everyone who witnessed him play.

TOP GUN 10 Three Pointers One Game_ NoahNoah has not been alone facing the challenges before him.  His parents have been with him in full support.   His parents state, “Noah inspires us every day! His passion for basketball has driven his determination to physically, mentally and emotionally overcome some major setbacks over the last year. After helping lead his 7th grade team to the East Valley conference championship, he had to take a 3 month break due to a knee injury. During this break, we saw a very mature side of our son, a 'Let’s make the best out of this attitude.'  Noah began to work weekly with a trainer on flexibility and strength, in addition to working on his handles. After getting the ok from his doctor to return to playing, Noah began training hard to make up for lost time in preparation for a national camp in California he was proud to get invited to attend but one week before the camp, he broke his foot during a practice. This was a very dark time for him.  But, after some tears he pulled himself up again, found the positive attitude needed and got to work. This time, in addition to working weekly with a strength trainer he got to the gym with his Dad as well as with his shooting coach, Marco Morales, who dissected his shooting form and shot and shot (without jumping).  Soon he was back in playing form, made his 8th grade team and proved to us all that obstacles are temporary and hard work with a great attitude always wins.”

His leadership on the court is reflected in the respect that his peers shower on him as well as on the responsibilities given to him by his coach.   Known as an extremely fundamentally sound player, it is very difficult to find any weaknesses in his game.   With the ability to create his own shots at will as well as his love to pass the basketball, Noah is a force of nature on the court.    Undaunted by the pressure of the game, Noah is the kind of player that one wants shooting the ball when the game is on the line.

There are no words that can adequately describe his game.   One must simply take the time to see him play.

Noah plays for Bogle Jr. High School and the Arizona All-Stars Club Basketball program.

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