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Fireheart Basketball School and Club Program

Fireheart Basketball SchoolFireHeart Basketball School is an on-going not-for-profit “school” to teach youth about life through basketball and to teach basketball skills to young players. The primary operating facet of FireHeart is its ongoing basketball skills instruction and competition club basketball team.

Players who are enrolled in the school are automatically placed on the Arizona FireHearts Basketball Team- a competitive skill building club basketball team for all ages. Basketball will serve as a “fun” microcosm for the lessons that can be learned throughout life. 

The Arizona FireHearts Basketball School will offer a club team that has only FireHeart Basketball student-athletes participating. They will prepare students for competition as a member of our basketball club team. Club team competition will be optional and players wishing to participate need to only let the coaching staff know that they wish to do so. 

The school focuses on developing players, not just finding talented kids and rolling out the ball for them. The goal is to teach and build talent over time- not to merely find the already talented players and use them to win games. Furthermore, they want to inspire the kids to enjoy and appreciate the game of basketball as they grow and want to keep playing.

The head coach and founder of the school, Christopher R. Jackson, has two master’s degrees in education and has been a school teacher/coach/administrator for almost 20 years in pre-k, kinder, 1st-12th grades, and college.

Instruction will ALWAYS be done with a coach’s mindset and a parent’s heart, because that is who the head coach and founder of FireHeart is- a parent and a coach.  He understands the importance of being both and how they compliment one another.

  • Date(s): January 25 - May 31
  • Location:  Anza Trail School 15490 S Rancho Sahuarita Blvd, Sahuarita
  • Investment: $85 Annual Fee and $40 monthly tuition
  • Contact: Chris Jackson 
  • Email:
  • Phone: 520-390-6628

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