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Nickoli Cody: 6th Grade Sharpshooter

COVER April 15 2018 Nickoli CodyNickoli Cody is a 6th grade sharpshooter that hails from Williams, Arizona.

He travels the long distance from Williams to play with the All-Stars Basketball Academy in the tournaments and leagues taking place throughout metro-Phoenix area.

Nickoli sports a nice 3-pointer with range.   College and NBA distance is a non-issue for Nickoli.  In addition, he has handles way beyond his age that allows him to create his own shots.   

But what is truly special about this young man is his dedication to training and his commitment to team work.  This commitment is reflected in his ability to pass the ball as good as he shoots it.   He cheers for his teammates' success as loudly as he cheers for his own 3-pointers.

He also has a knack for going after rebounds and putting the ball back into the hoop with great touch.

Keep your eyes on Nickoli Cody since the pace of improvement that he is displaying now indicates that Arizona has another hoops star in the making.

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