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August, 2018

When a 14-year-old scores 48 points in one game, it raises a lot of eyebrows.   When the other consistently acquires praises from opposing coaches, the player captures attention.   When you combine both of them on the same team as a back-court combination, fasten your seat belts and hold on tight for a display of jaw-dropping basketball.   Such is the case with Marte Dupree and Ethan Evangelista.

Marte Dupree and Ethan Evangelista both play for the All-Stars Basketball Academy (ABA) which trains out of the East Valley and these two are tearing up the hardwood with stats consistent enough to capture the attention and the admiration of everyone who witnesses their play.

Recently, in the June summer high school league, young Evangelista delivered a 48-point performance with the Benjamin Franklin Freshmen team.    Averaging over 20 points per game throughout the summer league, Ethan was promoted as back-up point guard for the school's Varsity team.    By the end of the summer league, Ethan was the official PG for his Varsity team while still 13 years old.    Playing for the All-Stars club program, Ethan leads both the 8th grade team and JV team as the point guard.    

Marte Dupree also plays for the ABA and serves as a slashing 2.   Throughout the summer high school league, Marte represented Chandler high school Freshmen team as the point guard and at times played for the school's JV team.    With his club, he dominates the boards making him a very valuable guard on both ends of the court.     Once Marte gets a running start, he is almost impossible to stop from getting to the rim.   

When both Ethan and Marte are on the back court, they are a sight to behold.   Both of them have become lock down defenders and coupled with their very focused scoring mentalities, they are hard to beat.    What is even more scary is the fact that both players are extremely teamwork oriented, coachable and leaders on the court.  

If you are looking to find future talent, look no further.   Marte Dupree and Ethan Evangelista are not superheroes, but when on the hardwood, you can count on both to play together with such power and skill that no other name other than the Dynamic Duo is close to being appropriate.

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