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Klay Thompson Breaks NBA Record With 14 Three-pointers in a Single Game

Andres Asmar | 7th Grade 3-Point Shooting Phenom

COVER_Andres Asmar_Nov 1  2018

Just recently, Klay Thompson of the NBA's Golden State Warriors broke Stephen Curry's NBA record for most 3-pointers in a regular season game with 14 downtown makes.    

The three-pointer has become such a must-have weapon at all levels of basketball and competitive youth basketball is no exception.

Such is the case with 7th grader Andres Asmar who plays for the Arizona All-stars Basketball 7th grade club team.   Recently, he scored 8 three-pointers in one game and consistently averages 3 to 4 downtown three-pointers per game.  

Andres' shooting talent is not limited to set-shots.   He can put the ball on the ground to create his own shot.   He can come off the screen and catch and shoot as good as any high school level player.    Completely fearless shooting is now ingrained in his DNA.

But the 3-pointer is not his only talent; he has excellent court vision and deploys outstanding passing skills.   He likes to dribble-penetrate where his passing or floater comes into play.    He can also finish at the rim.

What helped him get to this level of shooting proficiency is his dedication to training and playing with the All-stars and to attending school break shooting camps with the Top Gun Shooting Camps.

As Andres gets bigger, faster and stronger, his basketball shooting talent will become as good if not better than many players years older that him.    As a matter of fact, that is the case now.