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Basketball is like a Bullet Train | Fast and Hard to Jump on

Bullet TrainHave you ever tried to jump on a moving train?   Once the train gets going, you match its speed and then make a grab for the railings.   

But try to do this on a bullet train.   Its speed is dangerously fast to be able to execute this daunting maneuver.   The game of basketball is like a bullet train.   It is fast and impossible to jump on once it gets going.  

Many of today's players start to train at a young age and the results on the court are nothing short of amazing.  One sees this at the 7th and 8th grade levels.      After a couple of years of focused and intense 5th and 6th grade training to include club basketball training and games, school team season, camps, clinics and one-on-one sessions, young players are showing up to 7th and 8th grade tryouts ready to make the team and perform at spectacular levels.

Bu something happens along the way to basketball greatness with these young phenoms.   Only a few are able to sustain the hard work and sacrifice required to continue to be the best.     As they get older, they become complacent and distracted.    Many assume that they were born to become the next super stars of the game and their dreams become greater than their efforts.        They simply stop training as before and expect that the game will continue to reward them with amazing court success.

The game is like a bullet train on the move.   If you slow down and allow it to pick up speed, it will be next to impossible to simply jump on.    It is just too fast.     Once a young player achieves basketball success in 7th and 8th grade, he must continue to train even harder and with more fervor since the game moves faster at every level trying to shed as many players as possible to ensure that when it arrives at its destination only the best are on board.

So keep training.  Do not slow down.  Do not become distracted or complacent with past court success.    Stay on the basketball train.  Don't jump off since the odds are that you will most likely never be able to get back on again.  

Jose Morales |