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Something Special is Going On At Benjamin Franklin High School

COVER_ Ethan Evangelista_ January 16_2019

Arguments about who should have made the high school basketball Varsity team are endless.   Everyone has an opinion and many young dreams are broken along the way when the necessary basketball cuts take place.

But when a Freshman makes the high school Varsity team, he better have the skills to back up the opportunity given.   The game is just too objective and it tends to quickly expose players who should not be on the court.  

This is especially true for Freshmen players whose bodies are usually not matured enough to handle the Varsity bodies that are strong, tall, fast and experienced on how to play the game.

So when a Freshman makes the team most eyes are on that player and skepticism regarding that player's right to be on the team abounds.     But when the Freshman steps into the team and becomes the main point guard for the Varsity squad, something special is being introduced. 

That "something special" is alive and well with Benjamin Franklin high school Freshman, Ethan Evangelista.   His first year season as a Varsity Freshman is showing that his high school coach made the right call to give this young man the opportunity, not only to make the team, but to lead it as well.

I can give you specifics on his skills and game IQ but I will leave that up to you.   Take the time to watch this up and coming young basketball star.   Visit Benjamin Franklin high school's remaining Varsity games or visit Ethan's club team, the Arizona All-Stars, when the program begins its high school club season in late February.   You will be impressed.

After all, Ethan Evangelista is a Freshman leading a high school Varsity team as the main point guard so there has to be "something special' going on. | "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information"