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How Do You Evaluate A Youth Club Program? Buyer Beware!

Youth TeamsThere are multiple ways to evaluate a youth club program.   You first must push aside the hype and any other nebulous attempt to build up a program.   Don't get me wrong.   Hype is good and serves a purpose and is often backed up by positive results..   Hype can sometimes also be misleading so buyer beware.

When trying to measure the value of a youth club basketball program, go for the results.   I am not talking about the current wins and how many trophies the coach has accumulated.    First and foremost, take a look at how many of the program's student-athletes are making their middle school and high school teams.     In addition, how are these players doing on the team throughout the school season.    Making a team and statistics on the players' season are facts and facts are stubborn things.

In today's highly competitive youth basketball landscape, it is common to see 50 to 80 kids trying out for their 7th and 8th grade teams.   At the high school level, it gets even more difficult to make the team and just as many players tryout but at this level, the participants are bigger, faster and stronger.

So don't hesitate to ask the staff of a club program that you are considering for your child for the hard facts.    A good program will make it easy for you.  As a matter of fact, a great program is already touting its historical success of being able to help their kids to make their school teams.    

If you don't see the club program advertising their success in helping their students to make their school teams and, when you ask for the facts, if the program staff starts dancing around the issue with no real facts to show.....buyer beware.

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