Area Codes Basketball 2019 Arizona Spring Shootout | March 10, 2019

2019 Arizona Spring Shootout - PRESENTED BY ACB SCOUTING SERVICE
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End Date  
Age Range 14 - 17
Event Fee $150.00 - 1 Team 
$300.00 - 2 Teams 
$450.00 - 3 Teams 
$600.00 - 4 Teams 
Discounts $0.00
Registration Closes 03/08/2019
Event Description
Boy's 14U - 17U
Entry Fee - $195 - 2 game minimum ($150 per team if you register on or before March 6th)
The First AAU/Club Tournament for High School teams in 2019!
AIA CERTIFIED Game Officials 
Location - THE PHHacility, 46000 East Cotton Gin Loop, Phoenix, AZ 85040 
Past teams that participated: Prodigy Elite (CA), Powerhouse (AZ), Las Vegas Punishers (NV), Aim High (CA), Arizona Magic (AZ), Arizona Power (AZ), Compton Magic (CA), Belmont Shore (CA), Texas D1 Ambassadors (TX), Houston Dream Team (TX), Team Phoenix (AZ),  Las Vegas Prospects (NV), Team Eleate (CA), Inland (CA), Joe Ward All Stars, LV Dogcatchers (CA), Paul George Elite (CA), Prodigy (CA), California Elite (CA), West Coast Elite (CA), Superior Athletes (CA), BYC Elite (NM), Colorado Miners (CO), Arizona Power, Tucson Pump n Run, Arizona Rebels, Arizona Dream Team, San Diego All Stars (CA), Alvin Gentry Elite (AZ), Danny Granger Hurricanes (NM), SkyRiders (AZ), So Cal Soldiers (CA), Fastbreak Sports (CA), IEPB (CA), BBC Elite (CA), Arizona Grassroots, AZ Prospects, Desert Storm (AZ), AZ Pump n Run, Latino Select (TX), 5 Star Hoops (NV), Team Eleate (CA), Las Vegas Dynasty (NV), Team Zona (AZ), El Paso Titans (TX), Arizona D1 Ambassadors (AZ), San Diego Magic (CA), Las Vegas Lakers (NV), Utah Select (UT), Gamepoint (CA), New Mexico Force (NM), Top Gun (CA), Team Arizona (AZ), San Diego Warriors (CA), Las Vegas Knicks (NV), Team Metro, Arizona Redshirts, Arizona Sting, Marcus Banks Hard to Guard (NV), California Chaos (CA), Las Vegas Rebels (NV), Arizona Future & many more......

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American Leadership Academy North Leads The Way On the Hardwood


American Leadership Academy Gilbert North Basketball Junior High Varsity team finished another outstanding season as runner up in the CAA Division 3 Junior High State Championship tournament. 

With an accumulated record of 20-3, ALA Gilbert North Basketball Jr.H. Varsity won their region for the second year in a row with a record of 13-1.  This team also won the Arizona Junior High MLK Tournament, going 5-1 in the tournament.

ALA Gilbert North Junior High JV also won their region with an unbeaten record of 13-0.  Collectively, ALA Gilbert North Basketball Junior High program went 28 - 2  in CAA competition and 37 - 4 overall. 

Both teams are qualified to participate in the Arizona Middle School State Championship in March.

By Coach Mark Armstrong | Head Coach - ALA

2019 FEBRUARY ALA TEAM 2 "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information"

How Do You Evaluate A Youth Club Program? Buyer Beware!

Youth TeamsThere are multiple ways to evaluate a youth club program.   You first must push aside the hype and any other nebulous attempt to build up a program.   Don't get me wrong.   Hype is good and serves a purpose and is often backed up by positive results..   Hype can sometimes also be misleading so buyer beware.

When trying to measure the value of a youth club basketball program, go for the results.   I am not talking about the current wins and how many trophies the coach has accumulated.    First and foremost, take a look at how many of the program's student-athletes are making their middle school and high school teams.     In addition, how are these players doing on the team throughout the school season.    Making a team and statistics on the players' season are facts and facts are stubborn things.

In today's highly competitive youth basketball landscape, it is common to see 50 to 80 kids trying out for their 7th and 8th grade teams.   At the high school level, it gets even more difficult to make the team and just as many players tryout but at this level, the participants are bigger, faster and stronger.

So don't hesitate to ask the staff of a club program that you are considering for your child for the hard facts.    A good program will make it easy for you.  As a matter of fact, a great program is already touting its historical success of being able to help their kids to make their school teams.    

If you don't see the club program advertising their success in helping their students to make their school teams and, when you ask for the facts, if the program staff starts dancing around the issue with no real facts to show.....buyer beware.

Jose Morales | | | "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information"

Something Special is Going On At Benjamin Franklin High School

COVER_ Ethan Evangelista_ January 16_2019

Arguments about who should have made the high school basketball Varsity team are endless.   Everyone has an opinion and many young dreams are broken along the way when the necessary basketball cuts take place.

But when a Freshman makes the high school Varsity team, he better have the skills to back up the opportunity given.   The game is just too objective and it tends to quickly expose players who should not be on the court.  

This is especially true for Freshmen players whose bodies are usually not matured enough to handle the Varsity bodies that are strong, tall, fast and experienced on how to play the game.

So when a Freshman makes the team most eyes are on that player and skepticism regarding that player's right to be on the team abounds.     But when the Freshman steps into the team and becomes the main point guard for the Varsity squad, something special is being introduced. 

That "something special" is alive and well with Benjamin Franklin high school Freshman, Ethan Evangelista.   His first year season as a Varsity Freshman is showing that his high school coach made the right call to give this young man the opportunity, not only to make the team, but to lead it as well.

I can give you specifics on his skills and game IQ but I will leave that up to you.   Take the time to watch this up and coming young basketball star.   Visit Benjamin Franklin high school's remaining Varsity games or visit Ethan's club team, the Arizona All-Stars, when the program begins its high school club season in late February.   You will be impressed.

After all, Ethan Evangelista is a Freshman leading a high school Varsity team as the main point guard so there has to be "something special' going on. | "The Premier Source For Competitive Youth Basketball Information"

Basketball is like a Bullet Train | Fast and Hard to Jump on

Bullet TrainHave you ever tried to jump on a moving train?   Once the train gets going, you match its speed and then make a grab for the railings.   

But try to do this on a bullet train.   Its speed is dangerously fast to be able to execute this daunting maneuver.   The game of basketball is like a bullet train.   It is fast and impossible to jump on once it gets going.  

Many of today's players start to train at a young age and the results on the court are nothing short of amazing.  One sees this at the 7th and 8th grade levels.      After a couple of years of focused and intense 5th and 6th grade training to include club basketball training and games, school team season, camps, clinics and one-on-one sessions, young players are showing up to 7th and 8th grade tryouts ready to make the team and perform at spectacular levels.

Bu something happens along the way to basketball greatness with these young phenoms.   Only a few are able to sustain the hard work and sacrifice required to continue to be the best.     As they get older, they become complacent and distracted.    Many assume that they were born to become the next super stars of the game and their dreams become greater than their efforts.        They simply stop training as before and expect that the game will continue to reward them with amazing court success.

The game is like a bullet train on the move.   If you slow down and allow it to pick up speed, it will be next to impossible to simply jump on.    It is just too fast.     Once a young player achieves basketball success in 7th and 8th grade, he must continue to train even harder and with more fervor since the game moves faster at every level trying to shed as many players as possible to ensure that when it arrives at its destination only the best are on board.

So keep training.  Do not slow down.  Do not become distracted or complacent with past court success.    Stay on the basketball train.  Don't jump off since the odds are that you will most likely never be able to get back on again.  

Jose Morales |

Andres Asmar | 7th Grade 3-Point Shooting Phenom

COVER_Andres Asmar_Nov 1  2018

Just recently, Klay Thompson of the NBA's Golden State Warriors broke Stephen Curry's NBA record for most 3-pointers in a regular season game with 14 downtown makes.    

The three-pointer has become such a must-have weapon at all levels of basketball and competitive youth basketball is no exception.

Such is the case with 7th grader Andres Asmar who plays for the Arizona All-stars Basketball 7th grade club team.   Recently, he scored 8 three-pointers in one game and consistently averages 3 to 4 downtown three-pointers per game.  

Andres' shooting talent is not limited to set-shots.   He can put the ball on the ground to create his own shot.   He can come off the screen and catch and shoot as good as any high school level player.    Completely fearless shooting is now ingrained in his DNA.

But the 3-pointer is not his only talent; he has excellent court vision and deploys outstanding passing skills.   He likes to dribble-penetrate where his passing or floater comes into play.    He can also finish at the rim.

What helped him get to this level of shooting proficiency is his dedication to training and playing with the All-stars and to attending school break shooting camps with the Top Gun Shooting Camps.

As Andres gets bigger, faster and stronger, his basketball shooting talent will become as good if not better than many players years older that him.    As a matter of fact, that is the case now.