The Electronic Shooting Coach Asks For Your Vote

Electronic Shooting Coach 2

Shawn Moye, inventor of the Electronic Shooting Coach, is asking for your vote for his product at promotes products created by independent inventors and entrepreneurs who compete at the site for your purchase, attention and the glory of being the "Most Yakable".   Help a local youth basketball inventor get his product known by voting at

For more information on the Electronic Shooting Coach visit     If you have a youth basketball product that also needs promotion, get into the competition at and get noticed.

The Electronic Basketball Shooting Coach Teaches Proper Shooting Form

Electronic Basketball Shooting The Electronic Basketball Shooting Coach teaches people of all ages how to shoot with proper form.  The unit fits on the left or right forearm and through response conditioning retrains the mind.  This product fits in the palm of your hand and is made from a sturdy yet lightweight plastic good for long-term use.

When you are shooting the basketball with the elbow tucked in, the product will not sound.  If your elbow is out when you shoot the baksetball then an alarm will sound because you are using "bad form".

Amp Lee, former NFL running back and basketball standout, says "I love the product.  It will help a lot of people".

Ralph Berrios, head coach of Lorain County Community College, says "I really like your idea with the shooting coach, anything that can help players shoot proper is a big help.  I would like to buy one for my son who is just starting out as well.  Plus, it is also for college kids who are in need of some help.  If you need help to pass out the word, I will do anything to help you out".

The Electronic Basketball Shooting Coach will be in full display at the next Junior Hoops of America Youth Basketball Networking Mixer.  Be on the lookout for details on this upcoming basketball industry February 28th mixer. To visit the Shooting Coach website, click here.

The Arizona State University World Famous Advantage Basketball Camps are back again this Christmas

Advanctage Camp Center Court Winter camp 2009 will run December  28, 29, 30,31 for ball handling and shooting skills.  Training will run each day from  9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  The Spring break and summer 2010 camps are coming soon as well. 

The winter camps are different than the summer camps in that the winter camps main focus will be moves off the dribble. This is a nice follow up to the summer camps where the main focus is ball handling skill drills that help develop the athlete‚Äôs skill level thus enabling them to execute the moves they will be practicing at the winter camp. Both skill development techniques are used at all camps but the main focus changes.  They will also cover shooting, defense, and which moves to use where and when and why. This will include court awareness in relation to where you are on the court, where your defender is and where the help defense will be rotating from.

To register for the 1 day, 3 day or 4 day intensive Christmas break skills training camp, go to the Advantage Basketball Camps web site by clicking here.  

3DHoops Institute Offers Individual and Group Training

For those wanting to take their game to the next level, individual and small group training is available at the 3DHoops Institute.   Training includes character education and leadership training along with the fundamental skills of basketball. 

The 3DHoops Institute lead trainer is Brock Cooper who is a:

  • Former College Basketball Player
  • Current Assistant Basketball Coach, Skyline H.S.
  • Former Member of the United States Marines
  • Instructor in Leadership Training
  • Current 3D Youth Travel Team Director
  • Member of High School State Championship Team

Training sessions are set up to fit client's schedule and usually last from 1 to 1.5 hours in length.  Utilizing an initial skills assessment, the player is given a training program that is suited to his skill level. 

The cost per session is $30 for groups of 2 or less players and $20 for groups of 3 - 10 players.  Discounts are available for multiple sessions.  To sign up email and someone will contact you to set up training times.

3DHoops Institute is where dedication, determination and discipline form the foundation for basketball development. 

Quickshot Shooting System

Too often the "dunk" is the celebrated skill by the media and basketball players.  However, multiple surveys of recruiters and coaches throughout the country indicate that coaches first look to shooting skills as the primary skill to build upon.

Unfortunately, basketball players don't have access to quality high-priced shooting machines.  Major brand stores do carry cost-effective shooting aids, however, more often than not, these shooting tools are of low quality resulting in a short-term life for the product.

Enter the Quickshot Shooting System.  This product is low cost and of high quality which makes it accessible to coaches and players looking for a product that is durable, easy to use, portable and reasonably priced. 

Quickshot shooting system

For additional information on how to acquire your own Quickshot Shooting System, contact Coach Rino at 480-242-5912 or by email at