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Get Involved in Community and Youth Development
Business and community development are not mutually exclusive. The Award & Dinner Celebration offers you a great opportunity to be a supporter of Arizona’s youth athletes. Participating as a supporter of this event allows you to position your brand as a community friendly organization. Young athletes, their parents and our youth sports industry alliances will be in attendance. Become a member of our family of sponsors and allow this celebration to become part of your community development signature.

Make a Positive Impression with Young Athletes
Every year, the peer pressure and overall environment that our young people face today is magnified ten times fold compare to the previous generations. Young people today are more exposed than ever before to negative influences that oftentimes result in tragic consequences. Your participation helps us to inspire and empower young athletes to lead a sports focused, drug free lifestyle. When young people know that the community believes in them and supports them wholeheartedly, they are more apt to stay focused in fruitful activities. Your sponsorship support will undoubtedly help to make a positive influence– an indelible impression that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle through Sports
Sports related studies have consistently proven that becoming involved in sports at a young age, more often than not, leads to a long and healthy life. The positive aspects inherent in sports lead to the establishment of healthy habits for the body and mind. Our celebration aims to recognize organizations that inspire the young athlete to stay active in sports through the honoring of the youth basketball organizations that provide the opportunities for the children to engage in the great sport of basketball. With your support & participation this event promotes a community village.

Discourage Drug Use & Addiction
Our society is permeated with drug use, abuse, and addiction and no other group in our society is more exposed to the risks of addiction than today’s youth. The drugs are deadlier and easier to acquire than ever before and designed to appeal to the Elementary, Junior High and High School age level. The pressure applied to our youth to experiment with drugs is alive and well; however, your sponsorship will help to facilitate an inspirational message that counter acts negative influences and encourages and applauds a commitment to saying:


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